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Bistro Night - The night everything has to come out of the shop, tables are laid, candles are lit and much frivolity unfolds in amongst 4 courses of deliciously tasty and wholesome home cooked food. All produce is sourced locally, mainly from Cobbs Butchers in Cheddar, always top quality.

**Dates Subject to Government permissions, advice and timescales

Well, what a disappointment!! All the bookings we had, all the new found Bistro fans just getting into the spirit of it all, and then....COVID-19 :(

All we can hope is that this message finds you safe and well wherever you are and that you think about our new plans for when things begin to return to normal.  Obviously, normal is going to be a new kind of normal, so...we have a new plan that you may wish to consider.

When we begin to crawl out of Lockdown we would like to offer exclusive Bistro nights to members of one Family or Group, at a time.  We can provide a 3 or 4 course meal for your family of 10 to 20 people, including children.  The only other people here will be myself and Jules and of course, safety rules will be upheld.  Therefore you can feel relatively safe as you will know the history of the whereabouts of your own family. 

It could be a first family get together Post Lockdown in a safe and controlled environment that isn't your own 4 walls!!  Someone else can do the cooking and the clearing up while you all relax and have lots of fun!

As this will be for smaller numbers we will be able to accommodate this more often than once amonth , so give us a call and book your lunchtime/evening and we will tell you when we are at capacity.  There will be a set menu just as at a normal Bistro and you can inform us of any dietry requirements/allergies when you book.

Prices are £30 a head for4 courses, bring your own booze!  Payment in full will be required when you book.  This can be taken via telephone or bank transfer.

Bistro Nights for 2020

Saturday 25th January (Burn's Night) - FULL

Saturday 8th February  - Fabulous

Saturday 7th March - Fabulous!!

Saturday 11th April - Cancelled :(

Saturday 2nd May - Cancelled :(

Saturday 13th June - Probably Cancelled......

Saturday 11th July - Who knows?