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Clearance & Probate

 In 2018 we won a small Business Grant from Sedgemoor District Council.  Part of the allocation of this was granted as our business was considered to be in line with the Councils' Environmental Vision.  This was because  of our attitude and experience  towards re-using and re-cycling, but also because of the very nature of our business..   Land fill is something we avoid as much as is humanly possible! 

Jules background is in the Waste Industry; starting as a Sales Executive for Biffa in Avonmouth learning about re-cycling, segregation and waste hierarchy.  He then became a National Sales Manager for PRM Waste Systems, specialising in the recycling  of difficult waste and turning it into a commodity.  He later returned to Biffa as an Account Manager and realised there was so much going to Landfill, in particular Household goods and furniture, that could be recycled it became overwhelmingly frustrating.   

Jumping forward to today, this philosophy and passion forms the basis  of what we do at Ripleys.  In general, Antiques are 'green' anyway!  It's a much more responsible way to shop, and generally much better quality too!  

So from the shop floor through to House Clearances, re-using and re-cycling is a core thread  of our Business. 

Waste disposal is expensive!!  We have seen so much Fly Tipping and exploitation of the current Covid-19 situation.  People are busy clearing, cleaning, DIY ing and no Tip!  Taking to the internet, people are finding cheap offers to remove rubbish and clear furniture.  If it seems to good to be true.......??? 

We are registered Waste Carriers and we pay for a License.  If we clear a property and there is a large amount that has to be taken to Land Fill, then Jules will drive over the weigh bridge and pay £175 per tonne to dispose of it.  Unfortunate, but we have only had to do this once!  If there are  smaller amounts that have to be disposed of - we use Shaun Langford who also has a Waste Carriers License.

Alternatively, we have a wide network of Auction Houses, including our own where we can distribute goods.  Sometimes these goods will barely cover the price of the fuel to get them there, BUT!  It means that they are moved on, re-used and therefore re-cycled.  It also means that we are supporting other Businesses who deal in re-using and re-cylcing.  We also work with The British Heart Foundation, Prickles in Cheddar and the RSPCA in Winscombe.  All of these options are explored before Landfill or disposal.

The starting point for a small Clearance of a Flat or a small house is £350.  That is for two men and a van.  Jules will then assess whether there is anything that he can sell to recoup some money towards that.  The price will be adjusted accordingly.  He will then assess whether there is any difficult waste to dispose of ie; mattresses, chemicals etc;  He will then advise you of the best way for you to dispose of these items or he will charge a fee for specific items if necessary.

Obviously, all clearances are different.  More commonly, we will be paying you!  


For probate, things work differently.  A Solicitor will request a list of everything within the house and an up to date valuation of all goods.  This is a service we charge for and of course the price will depend on the amount of goods there are.  All goods are valued at Auction prices, not Insurance prices.  

Of course, this can be an extremely difficult time for Families and loved ones which we fully appreciate.  We are a small and friendly Business and are very sensitive to the needs and feelings of our customers.

Any questions, just give us a call or send us an email.  We are more than happy to provide advice and quotations.

Lou and Jules